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Should you choose a hotel or serviced accommodation?

When answering the question ‘Should you choose a hotel or serviced accommodation?’, it depends on a number of factors:

  • The proximity of the accommodation to the work location

  • The length of stay

  • Number of rooms, or number of people requiring rooms

  • Budgetary considerations

  • Personal preferences

There are advantages to both options, which we are going to explore in this article.

Should you choose a hotel or serviced accommodation?

When you may require a hotel room

Of course, if you are a business traveller who requires accommodation in a location for just one night, then it makes sense to book a hotel room because you basically just need somewhere to sleep before returning home the next day.

If you are attending a conference, then it may make sense to stay in the hotel in which the conference is being held, so you can take advantage of networking opportunities with suppliers, customers and colleagues from other businesses attending the same conference, both during and after the conference has finished.

If the workplace is situated in a remote environment, there may not be an opportunity to book serviced accommodation, and a hotel may offer better connectivity and interaction, rather than being isolated.

Should you choose a hotel or serviced accommodation?

The benefits of serviced accommodation

Although we have outlined a few circumstances above where the benefits of a hotel room may outweigh the many advantages presented by serviced accommodation, in the majority of cases choosing serviced accommodation for your contractors, construction team or business travellers is a more effective solution.


Serviced homes are often located in quieter, more residential areas, rather than busy and noisy city/town centres, offering a better opportunity to relax and unwind following a busy and stressful day.

In addition, there is less noise from people coming and going into their hotel rooms or using the lift.


Having a whole property rather than just one room, gives employees the chance to separate work from home, providing the downtime for letting go of stress that may have built during the working day.

If a team wants to stay together, properties with more than one bedroom offer the ideal choice, rather than splitting the team over a number of hotel rooms or floors. This give the team a chance to socialise together, fostering a team spirit and nurturing close friendships.


Serviced accommodation offers well-equipped kitchens, where business travellers can relax and cook meals, saving money and promoting a better diet than eating out, especially if the stay is for a number of weeks. Moreover, properties are fully furnished, providing comfort and relaxation in a home from home environment that is not achievable in a hotel room.


Serviced accommodation normally provides cost savings, offering lower rates than hotels. This is especially true for groups of employees or for extended stays when discounts may be available.


Hotels may not offer the same level of privacy for those working in teams, where the only choice to discuss a project may be in the hotel bar, where they can easily be overheard. Staying in serviced accommodation provides ample opportunity for discussion during dinner, or afterwords in the lounge. There may also be an additional reception room which could be used for meetings.

Many serviced homes offer enhanced security, and there is a reduced risk of items going missing or opportunistic thieves picking up a briefcase, for example, than in a hotel, where there are lots of people coming and going.

To explore the benefits of serviced accommodation in more depth, you may like to read our blog ‘What are the benefits of serviced homes for business travellers’.

We hope that this article has highlighted factors to consider when asking the question, ‘Should you choose a hotel or serviced accommodation?’  Are you relocating? Are you starting a work placement that will last several weeks or months? Perhaps you are part of a construction team, working on a building project far from home? Whatever your reason for choosing serviced accommodation, the friendly and professional Arte Stays team ensures our service is tailored to your individual requirements. Check out our serviced homes in east London on the Arte Stays website or contact us today so we can find your perfect home from home.

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