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What are the Benefits of Serviced Homes for business travellers?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

For those having to work away from home, especially for long periods, additional anxiety can be caused by missing out on a normal home environment. From stress to overworking and exhaustion and the physical and emotional consequences of a bad diet, the wellbeing of contractors and business travellers can start to suffer. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the benefits of staying in serviced homes rather than hotels for business trip accommodation.   

Serviced homes offer – SPACE

Space is a luxury not always found in hotel rooms, especially budget hotels. Plus, even the most spacious bedroom can start to feel claustrophobic for long-term stays! Having to sleep, eat and work in one room can affect mental health, resulting in poor performance and an inability to concentrate. 

Moreover, it can be difficult to find balanced meals near to hotels or to order in, and a poor diet can have detrimental physical and emotional effects. On the other hand, a serviced home offers a fully fitted kitchen, giving business travellers and contractors the flexibility to cook for themselves. 

Having the available space to separate work, sleep and relaxation with all the comforts of a modern home environment, gives employees the chance to disconnect and recharge. If work needs to be done in the evening, there is the space for it, rather than working from a laptop on the bed or an impersonal working space in a hotel. These are all positive factors that can increase productivity, enhance wellbeing and reinforce feeling valued by an employer.

Furthermore, a team staying together in a serviced home will offer ample opportunity for team building, problem solving and improved communications, as well as the space for important after-work project meetings. 

Serviced homes offer – PRIVACY

It is important to be able to switch off from the stresses of the day, and this may not always be possible in busy hotels:

  • This noise of people going to and from their rooms

  • TVs playing loudly

  • The lift going up and down at all hours

  • A noisy external environment – hotels are normally situated in the thick of things! 

All these factors can affect the quality of sleep, leading to mood swings, an inability to concentrate, poor decision making and poor morale. 

However, a serviced home offers all the privacy of a real home, with comfortable bedrooms away from the living space, making it easier to relax into restorative sleep. 

Serviced homes offer – FLEXIBILITY

You can treat the house as if it were your own home. You can invite work colleagues over for meetings in a relaxed environment, cook your own meals, do laundry when you need to – all without worrying about day-to-day cleaning or maintenance. 

You can rent the serviced accommodation for as long as you need to, and flexible contracts offer the opportunity to extend the rental period when required.  

Business travellers and contractors looking for serviced accommodation are searching for better options when it comes to working away from home. Serviced homes provide a lifestyle approach to business accommodation that cannot be found in a hotel stay. 

The chance of a personalised stay somewhere not only comfortable, but comforting, with all the amenities of home, gives employees the chance to unwind and recharge along with the space and privacy for relaxation. Arte Stays offers hand-picked, character-filled serviced homes, each with luxurious interiors and all the amenities you could wish for, offering the perfect surroundings to relax and unwind from the stresses of the working day.  

Take a look at our individual serviced accommodation in east London, and either choose your favourite and contact us or use our quick and easy online booking service. Whatever your reason – business trip, relocation, work placement – the Arte Stays team offers unrivalled support to provide a serviced home for business travellers, tailored to individual requirements.

Arte Stays provides ‘home from home’ serviced accommodation for managers or contractors, all you need to do is arrive, unpack and relax!

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