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What are the benefits of a contractor accommodation service?

Updated: May 28

The benefits of a contractor accommodation service for those searching for accommodation for work purposes, for example, contractors, construction workers, project managers or those on work placements, is finding tailored accommodation for their requirements quickly and without a lengthy booking process.

Although your first instinct may be to book a hotel or an Airbnb, these solutions may not offer the high level of amenities, services or quality that would benefit those working in an unfamiliar location. A professional accommodation service can offer many benefits for both companies and their contractors for short-term stays away from home. such as proximity to the work location, security, length of stay flexibilities, and amenities that may not be available in hotels or holiday rentals.

The benefits of a contractor accommodation service

Contractor accommodation service providers can simplify the process of finding, booking and managing contractor temporary housing.

1. Cost-effective solutions

A specialised service can offer number of package deals or discounted rates, especially for companies requiring multiple units or longer rental terms, which may not be available in private lets or hotel accommodation.

2. Service requirements

Serviced accommodation property portfolios are tailored to the needs of contractors, business travellers or construction teams. Those working away from home will benefit from services such as high speed internet connection, housekeeping and separate workspaces.

24/7 customer support or a dedicated guest team will remove worry about maintenance or equipment malfunctions/breakdowns, enhancing the experience for contractors or business travellers and ensuring a comfortable stay that allows them to focus on work requirements.

The home-from-home environment fosters relaxation, while dedicated workspaces provide clients with home/work separation for a healthy lifestyle while away from home.

3. Flexibility

One of the benefits of a contractor accommodation service is flexibility regarding the length of stay. Whether the work project lasts days, weeks or months, construction team serviced accommodation is available to suit the unique nature of each work requirement.

4. Quality Assurance

Contractor accommodation service companies operate to high standards, which provides a level of assurance to both companies and their employees. These standards will apply not only to individual properties, but equally to services, cleanliness, facilities and security. These consistently high standards are more difficult to find in other short-term let options, such as Airbnb for example, where standards may not be equal across all hosts.

To read a comparison about serviced accommodation and Airbnb, please read our article ‘Why serviced accommodation is better than booking an Airbnb.’

5. Options

Serviced accommodation providers offer a number of property options, from one bedroom apartments to three bedroom houses, giving companies a choice of properties to suit individual project requirements and desired locations.

6. Time saving

Using a dedicated contractor accommodation service saves companies time in searching for the right property and facilities in their desired location using multiple hotel or letting platforms. In addition, they offer streamlined reservation and management processes, saving time that would otherwise be spent on communicating and negotiating with property owners or obtaining quotes from a number of hotels.

The benefits of a contractor accommodation service include simplifying the process of searching for and managing suitable contractors’ temporary housing requirements, freeing up time that would otherwise be spent on search and comparison platforms. At Arte Stays, we can provide a number of options for serviced accommodation in east London for project managers, professionals, contractors and construction teams or anyone requiring temporary accommodation while working away from home. If you require serviced accommodation in the capital, contact us to discuss how Arte Stays can help you to find the ideal property!

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