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Transitioning from hotels to serviced accommodation

What are the benefits for employees and contractors?

Company culture is ever-changing and always evolving, as organisations seek more and better ways to take care of their employees, especially those working away from home on business. For contractors, construction teams, managers or those on secondment, the impersonal environment of a hotel room is not always conducive to  a sense of wellbeing. Transitioning from hotels to serviced accommodation has an impact on organisational culture by providing many benefits for employees and contractors.

Transitioning from hotels to serviced accommodation

When making a decision about accommodation for employees required to work away from home, companies need to consider the benefits of providing serviced accommodation for managers on business trips, construction teams or contractors. You may like to read our

Businesses promoting the importance of employee welfare in their company values need to show that they are fulfilling their promise. Transitioning from hotels to serviced accommodation demonstrates that the health and wellbeing of their employees is paramount.

Serviced accommodation for contractors or any other business traveller provides many benefits over and above the impersonal surroundings of a hotel room:

Home-like environment

Rather than being in one room, business travellers have the run of the house and can live in it, rather than merely stay there. Serviced homes are fully furnished and equipped with amenities, providing a more comfortable and home-like stay.

Work/life balance

Serviced accommodation offers a more personalised experience for those working in unfamiliar locations, providing a relaxed environment to unwind from the stresses of the day. The improved work/life balance enhances wellbeing, reduces stress and contributes to a healthier lifestyle. The ability to relax and recharge in homely surroundings promotes job satisfaction and improves work performance.

Sense of community

Across teams, eating together and interacting with other employees from different departments or locations enhances the sense of community. People who would not normally socialise can interact with others outside the normal working environment, building friendships, and echoing company values related to employee wellbeing and support.

The feeling of belonging to a community increases job satisfaction, enables employees to feel a deep connection with the company’s values, thus producing a work culture of inclusion and positivity.

Transitioning from hotels to serviced accommodation

What are the benefits for businesses?

The cultural change within an organisation to put the wellbeing of its employees first by transitioning from hotels to serviced accommodation, also brings benefits to the business itself.

Higher productivity

Employees who feel supported and looked after by living in serviced accommodation while working away from home will be able to maintain, or even increase their productivity.

Greater commitment

Feeling valued, appreciated and part of a community increases morale and commitment, and companies will reap the rewards of an engaged and dedicated workforce. As satisfaction and commitment intensifies, they are more likely to stay and recommend their employer to outsiders.

Cost Savings

Companies can provide cost-effective accommodation solutions for construction teams, contractors, managers on business trips or other employees when working in a different location.

This is especially true where teams can live together in one or two serviced homes, or where employees are likely to be working away for a long period of time.

Environmental commitment

Organisations reduce the impact on the environment by using serviced accommodation, demonstrating their commitment to their environmental policy or sustainability targets.

In this article, we have explored how transitioning from hotels to serviced accommodation demonstrates a commitment to employee wellbeing and support. If your company is experiencing a similar change, Arte Stays offers a range of individual serviced accommodation in east London. Our team provides unrivalled support in making sure our serviced homes are tailored to individual requirements. Check out our character-filled properties on the Arte Stays website, where you can contact us with any questions, or use our online booking service to secure your home from home.

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