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Serviced Accommodation: What are the Benefits for Employers, Employees and Contractors?

In this article, Arte Stays is going to examine the benefits of serviced accommodation rather than hotel rooms for business trip accommodation and short-term stays for contractors, managers and other professional personnel when on secondment or projects away from home.


Since the pandemic, the world of work has experienced many changes. Flexible working options, benefits and welfare packages are now high on the agenda for jobseekers, who want to feel that their contribution is valued and that their employer cares about their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Businesses have realised that putting the health and welfare of employees first really matters for their brand reputation. The cultural shift and focus on wellbeing doesn’t just affect those working on company premises, but those undertaking projects and tasks away from home, too. This shift in perspective has made companies think twice about booking impersonal hotel rooms for employees and contractors working away from home. Instead, more organisations are opting for the ‘home from home’ environment of serviced accommodation. 

Consequently, we have seen an increase in demand for serviced homes in London for business trip accommodation and short-term stays for professionals and contractors. At Arte Stays, we can provide a number of options for serviced accommodation in east London, all with the modern comforts of home. If you are looking for serviced accommodation in the capital, contact us to learn more about how Arte Stays can help you to find the ideal property!

When seeking business trip accommodation, housing professional employees in serviced accommodation instead of hotels can provide many benefits both to the organisation and its employees, especially those working away from home for weeks or months at a time: 

  • Separate areas or rooms for relaxing, eating and sleeping provide a more personal experience for short-term stays than the sterility of a hotel room

  • The homely environment provides a separation factor from work and helps to combat stress

  • The opportunity to relax and recharge results in clearer thinking and a better performance at work

  • Fostering a sense of belonging contributes to a sense of wellbeing and  higher morale 

  • Enjoying a ‘home’ environment close to work fosters a sense of community for improved communication and better teamwork

  • Having a private and quiet space to work away from the office or project rather than shared hotel facilities, means fewer distractions and better focus

  • For business trip accommodation, living in a hotel room for a prolonged period of time could contribute to a decline in mental health through ‘cabin fever’ and feeling ‘boxed in’ or claustrophobic

  • Serviced accommodation is a more cost-effective solution for short-term stays or weekends when hotel room rates are higher

  • As companies become more conscious of sustainable practices and absorb them into their everyday operations, it seems hypocritical to use hotels for business trip accommodation because of their impact on the environment 

  • Feeling valued by an employer helps to build a stronger two-way relationship that will be reflected by employee experiences and validation, boosting the employer brand  

In today’s job market, quality candidates are actively seeking companies that have a strong culture of looking after the health of their employees. Choosing serviced accommodation for employees rather than hotels for business trip accommodation, short-term stays and long-term stays has many benefits for both the organisation and their workers. 

Backed by years of experience, Arte Stays provides serviced accommodation in east London, going above and beyond to take care of all aspects of the rental process for you. Maybe you need accommodation while you relocate? Perhaps you are starting a work project or placement? Whatever the reason for serviced accommodation, the team at Arte Stays provide a tailored service to suit your individual requirements. Contact us today to help you find the perfect rental property or check out the properties available for short-term stays and business trip accommodation on our website

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