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Are your employees happy when working away from home?

The worldwide pandemic precipitated a lot of changes in the world of work. Employees want to feel appreciated and supported in their work, whether in the office or working away from home. Candidates are interested in working for organisations that take their wellbeing seriously, offering enhanced working practices such as:

  • Flexible/remote working options

  • Hot desking

  • Flexible working hours

  • Welfare support and packages

  • CSR policy and local community support

This shift in perspective has driven a cultural change within organisations to ensure the happiness of their workforce. Companies have realised that to attract and retain top talent requires a commitment to employee wellbeing and a strong employer brand that stands out in today’s competitive job market. As part of this commitment to employee wellbeing, more organisations are realising the benefits of choosing serviced accommodation for their staff when working away from home.

The Arte Stays team has gained years of experience in providing business trip accommodation tailored to individual requirements. We provide several options for serviced accommodation in east London, all with extra little touches that make them a ‘home from home.’ Check out the properties on our website for your short-term accommodation needs or contact the team to discuss your requirements – we are happy to help find your perfect property!

The challenges of working away from home

Ensuring a team is happy when working away from home includes assessing both work and personal needs. Organisations should be aware that working away from home brings challenges. Workers can feel isolated, lonely and cut off from familiar surroundings, leading to stress and anxiety.

Choosing serviced accommodation for short-term stays and long-terms stays for employees and contractors can help to reduce this anxiety. Teams can stay together, something that is difficult to achieve in a hotel, where rooms may be separate or on different floors. Serviced accommodation combats isolation by fostering teamwork and a sense of belonging, both while working and for after-work activities.

Feelings of homesickness are reduced by the ‘home from home’ environment provided by serviced accommodation. Each team member has their own personal space and communal areas where they can live and work together. This encourages team building and communication, while allowing for personal downtime and that all-important separation from work activities.


Ensuring your employees happiness when working away from home requires excellent channels of communication. They should know what is expected of them both as individuals and a team, with scheduled video meetings to enhance the connection with fellow workers and managers. This demonstrates support from head office as well as reassuring managers that the project is running to schedule. It is therefore essential that any accommodation provides good connectivity.

This is also true for personal relationships. Encouraging employees to video loved ones will reduce anxiety at working away from home, combating homesickness and feelings of isolation.

Organisations should respect employee downtime by scheduling calls in advance and minimising evening/weekend video meetings, providing them with the opportunity to switch off from work, relax and socialise for a healthy work/life balance.


Set up swift reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses to remove money worries and reassure team members that you are a caring employer.


Serviced accommodation allows for flexible hours to suit the needs of employees and/or the project - something that may not be so easily achieved in a busy hotel environment. Individuals can personalise their own space, fostering a sense of belonging and of feeling at home.

Choosing serviced accommodation from Arte Stays will reassure your employees that your organisation cares for their wellbeing when working away from home. Our serviced accommodation in east London provides that ‘home from home’ environment essential for feeling happy, with ample space for both working and relaxing. The Arte Stays team goes above and beyond to makes sure all aspects of the rental process are taken care of. Why not contact us today to discuss your requirements?

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