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Alternative accommodation for insurers

In this article, we are going to explore the concept of alternative accommodation for insurers provided to their policyholders in the event of a home-based insurance claim. For more interesting articles, why not take a look at the Arte Stays blog?

Firstly, we need to explain more fully what alternative accommodation for insurers is. In many home and buildings insurance policies, there will be a section detailing the maximum length of time and allowance per day the insurer will pay for the temporary housing of the policyholder, should their home be uninhabitable because of an event or disaster.

This amount varies from policy to policy and is normally based on the insured building. For example, policyholders living in one-bedroomed apartments would not be entitled to the same daily allowance as families living in four-bedroomed detached houses. The size of the policyholder’s home and the amount of premium paid therefore affects the size of the alternative accommodation allowance.

The benefits of alternative accommodation

For insurers, it can be difficult to offer support to families who are temporarily displaced from their homes because of an event. Hotels can prove expensive – more than the allowance allocated – and they rarely have enough space for the needs of a whole family. In addition, hotels have an impersonal feeling, which can put both mental and emotional strain on a family unit when staying for any length of time.

The policy holder’s family has had to contend with many challenges, such as having to leave their home suddenly, losing their belongings and the bewilderment of being displaced. All this is on top of going through the trauma of the actual event or disaster. Therefore, providing a more home-like environment can help to reduce the mental and emotional impact of being suddenly uprooted.

Fully furnished homes or apartments offer a better alternative accommodation solution for families because they provide a home-from-home environment, where families can try to live as normal a life as possible while their home is being repaired or rebuilt.

The benefits of an alternative accommodation agency

By offering alternative accommodation, insurers can offer their policyholders support during a difficult and often traumatic time to help maintain stability while their homes are being repaired. Therefore, working with an alternative accommodation agency can offer insurers several benefits.


Insurers can negotiate discounted rates or preferred pricing for temporary accommodation, helping to bring costs within the permitted allowance.

Streamlined process

Alternative accommodation agencies specialise in providing temporary housing for whatever purpose required, including insurance purposes.


Because alternative accommodation agencies specialise in temporary accommodation management, insurers can use their expertise to ensure that their policyholders receive a high quality service while their home is being repaired.

Risk mitigation

For insurers, placing their clients in safe and suitable alternative accommodation means they can avoid extra claims and complications caused by disputes, delays and dissatisfaction with the accommodation provided.

Customer satisfaction

Policyholders will benefit from the expertise too. The smoother and less stressful their experience of alternative accommodation, the higher will be their perception of the insurer.

Working with an alternative accommodation agency means that insurers can meet the temporary housing needs of their clients while managing costs, mitigating risk and enhancing the overall claims experience.

At Arte Stays, we have more than ten years’ experience in providing temporary accommodation in east London for both short and long-term rental. Our recently refurbished properties provide the perfect alternative accommodation solution, with fully equipped kitchens, high speed internet connection and fresh bed linen, towels and toiletries. We also provide a personal greeter and a guest service team with dedicated housekeeping. What’s more, we offer all-inclusive bills and flexible contracts for a streamlined process. For more information on alternative accommodation for insurers contact the Arte Stays team today to discuss your requirements.

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